What we do

We provide a variety of fun, stimulating, interactive activity and engagement sessions for older people in care and in the community. 
We also train and coach care-givers to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in activities and engagement. 

All our sessions are interactive and adapted to meet the needs and abilities of the individuals present. We use a person-centred approach to connect to our participants to create a safe, nurturing space for the inclusion of all. All activities are suitable for people living with dementia. Our facilitators have years of experience in creating fun, entertaining, engaging moments.

Our sessions can be offered in a group format or one-to-one, virtually or face-to-face (NB: sensory sessions cannot be delivered virtually).

Types of Sessions

Variety Hour

Sessions are designed to engage the whole person mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. We use a mixture of music, sing-a-longs, appropriate quizzes, poetry, comedy, reminiscence, learning and discussion as well as energising physical stimulation in the form of big balloon games, percussion, feather conducting and creative movement. It really is the complete package of stimulation, fun and laughter. Some sessions are themed.

Guided Reminiscence

Sessions use a variety of media to encourage participants to connect to the past, present and future. We use technology, music, images, poetry, objects and multi-sensory items to share special moments and memories. We encourage sessions to be user-led and to spark conversation with the right form of questions. Frequently participants relive cherished memories and make new memories during the sessions.

Seated Creative Dance & Movement

Sessions allow participants to express themselves through movement and touch. The system of dance we use is rooted in Dance and Movement Psychotherapy and Biodanza. It is fun, inclusive, intimate, playful and allows people the opportunity to express themselves safely within their own abilities without the need to follow a set pattern or perform. It is especially good for people who are unable to express themselves verbally. Other benefits may include improving joint mobility, muscle tone, balance and circulation.

Classical Hour

Sessions explore our rich classical music history. We explore various pieces of music with explanations of the history and context of the piece and the composers themselves. The narration is an emotional journey of how music creates pictures in our minds and moves our souls.

Interactive Art

Sessions are an exploration of art in all its forms. The sessions are structured so people can express their opinion and learn about the context and history of art, both older and more modern. Sometimes we use replica pictures and objects from museum and gallery collections to bring the art to life.

Multi-Sensory Enrichment

Sessions are designed to reach people living with advanced dementia, neurological conditions and people at the end of their life. They prevent social isolation and allow people to make meaningful connections and express themselves in the world. Through a slow, sensitive approach we can find ‘a window’ into their world. Sessions are run in small groups or one-to-one..


Sessions to heal body, mind and soul. We use a system of relaxation based on ‘yoga nidra’, an ancient practice to induce profound wellbeing. Sessions are run in small groups or one-to-one.

Movie Show

Sessions are a trip down memory lane reliving moments of music, comedy, dance, sport etc. on the big screen. These sessions are tailored to the preferences of the participants.

Case Studies

Dance Session

I did a Dance session at a dementia home as part of a coaching programme.

We asked the participants to hold hands and move to The Blue Danube, Strauss’s Waltz. Two gentlemen were sat beside each other and held hands in the group circle and moved accordingly. What developed after this was wonderful. Both men engaged and kept holding hands throughout other dances. This developed with the other, more connective dances to the point whereby they felt safe and at ease to get up and support each other to dance together just touching at the fingertips. It was beautiful to see how a gentle supportive playful touch of the hands enabled this pair of men to explore the music and be moved to enjoy the moment according to their shared ability and capacity. It was such a nice mutual exchange. Their dance was greeted with enthusiasm by other participants and staff. Where words would have failed them, dance was able to build a trusting relationship, playful and safe. Staff said “Gentleman A and B were much more settled after this experience throughout their day”.

Sensory Session

I did a sensory session with a lady called Beatrice. She had mild dementia and we started to explore some apps on the iPad. She seemed partial to the music creation apps. She told me she used to be a concert pianist but hadn’t played the piano for 10 years or more as she was unable to press the piano keys down anymore. We tried her with a piano app and she immediately grasped the idea. After a little familiarisation with the app, she began to play different songs she had learnt as a child. The use of technology has reignited a passion for playing where she thought she may never have had the possibility again. The staff at the home said “We are now able to engage her with something she sees as meaningful and purposeful whereas before she was uninterested in most things”. Beatrice, in her own mind, now continues to be a concert pianist. Lovely!


We, The Judith Adams Day Centre, specialists in Dementia, have been very fortunate in finding Craig at Engaging Activities.
Craig has been very professional, fun, engaging, mindful of our people’s abilities and very interactive.
Many of the people who attend our service thoroughly enjoy Craig’s activities as he lifts their moods, provides emotional support by making them laugh and engages them throughout the session, whether it be through music, laughter, discussion, reminiscing, sensory, movement, also gentle exercise.
When we inform our people that we have booked Craig to come in for a morning or afternoon of activities, they really cannot wait for him to arrive as he is so very entertaining.
Craig provides our people with a variety of activities and will custom fit his session to your needs if you request – nothing is too much trouble.
Engaging Activities have been attending our Centre for many years and we will continue to use him in the future, we cannot recommend him enough, definitely value for money.

Kim, The Judith Adams Centre, West Sussex County Council

We have always found Craig & Ruth extremely friendly, cheerful & a delight to have in the building. Their adaptable approach to residents is outstanding. They treat everyone one the same regardless of their disabilities. Each resident that joins them are greeted with gentleness yet in a friendly manner as if they have known them a long time, they kneel down making eye contact, take their hands, give a them a warm smile & say hello, asking how they are, which instantly puts them at ease. Once they have shook hands with every resident then the real fun begins. Each session is based around a theme & includes Songs to sing, fun, quizzes, music to dance to or wave feather/batons which encourages gentle movement, balloon bouncing & a few jokes or rhymes to finish. The hour is packed full & residents leave with a smile on their faces, what more can you ask for. As activities champions we have attended events and training days with Craig which have been useful, inspiring & a great way of mixing with others who do a similar job.

Sarah, Elizabeth House, Shaw Healthcare

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