Craig started working with us over a year ago now, he is amazing in his approach with the residents, his work is interactive, he works in an individualised way making the residents feel special, he is proactive and plans his sessions around the resident’s life history creating a bond. He uses a variety of techniques including quizzes, reminisce, singing and movement helping everyone to be involved in the class. He is bubbly, stimulating, sincere and flexible in his approach. During COVID he sent us guidance to continue with his work alone until he started using zoom which has been successful, it has helped with the mental health of the residents in this difficult period and the staff members too, who love to join in with his sessions. Every home should have a Craig.

Danni Novell
Manager – Hambrook Meadows Residential Home

“Manorfield has enjoyed your entertainment with our residents for many years now.
We all celebrate if Craig Stevens is coming, because of your audience participation, your interactive, enthusiastic personality and the deliverance of engaging our residents in your activities is absolutely amazing.
When you are in our lounge, I have nothing but praise for your dedication to your work; it is so apparent that you enjoy your work and give your full 100% to ensuring our residents have a really fun time with music and laughter.
Music and laughter is so good for our residents hearts, their wellbeing and their spirit, and you always achieve all of these when you visit Manorfield. You make each resident feel important, you hold eye contact and make our residents feel happy and cared for (yes, I say cared for, as giving ‘time’ to another human being is the best type of care!).
This feeling of happiness, wellbeing remains with our residents long after you have left Manorfield – that is what is also very important.
We cannot wait for your return to Manorfield to give your usual love and dedication in your activities, as they are truly fun and so lovely for us, staff, to see our residents enjoying themselves and laughing with you; this is a heart-warming sight for us all.
Carol, our activities co-ordinator, went on one of your training sessions and came back full of enthusiasm and ideas that you had given her; it was very useful in her own deliverance of activities.
Speaking of value for money, your entertainment Craig is real value for money and so affordable for everyone to enjoy.
When you have been here with us Craig, entertaining our residents and we have had relatives on site at the time, they comment how wonderful you are and this, I can only reiterate with pride!
Keep up the excellent work, the world needs people like yourself to maintain wellbeing!
I could go on and on about how much I value your visits to our residents, but I think I have said enough to hopefully, get our message across.

Karen Stovell
Registered Home Manager
Manorfield Residential Home

“Engaging Activities” with Craig and Ruth promotes a positive reaction in our clients, which in the long and short term, benefits their wellbeing,  the interactive and stimulating  nature of the session brings fun and mood enhancement to their day.
We find the ‘variety hour’ brings with it,lots of enjoyment as it includes music, dance, reminiscence,  quiz, poetry and much more.
Both Craig and Ruth take time to connect on a one-on-one basis with each client in the group, this in the short term promotes  self-esteem in the individual.
I have noticed as the session progresses  the atmosphere in the room changes, the mood ‘lifts’ there is fun, humour, laughter and enjoyment, this has a long term effect on the client and the home in general.

Ruth takes the in- house session on a regular basis  and the client’s look forward to her visit…..she always brings a warm smile and a kind word for everyone with her one-on-one interaction before the session begins.
Ruth has been unable to visit for a few month’s due to the ‘lock down’ so Craig has taken over with ZOOM sessions on the big screen, which in this unprecedented time has  been a great help in stimulating and enhancing the mood in the home……The staff seem to be enjoying the ZOOM session as much as the clients.
Last year 5 members of staff….myself included, received coaching from Craig  promoting music, movement, dance, sensory and meditation which proved to be  very uplifting and benifical for our clients health and wellbeing.
As long standing customers of this Company, we find Engaging Activities good value for money…..an engaging in-house activity that we feel enhances the lives of our clients.

Jackie Haynes (Activities Co-ordinator)
Sussex Grange Residential Home 

What can I say about Craig, except that he is a joy to have in the care home due to his warm personality, his amazing interaction with the residents,  his creative activities and his boundless energy whether he is undertaking  group work, 1:1 with individual residents  or sharing  his techniques with staff in order to further embed good practise.
I have worked with Craig for many years, and know him to be an extremely caring and compassionate man who works to understand, and strives to meet the individual needs of the residents..

Rosemary Pavoni
Manager of Rosedale Care home and Chair of West Sussex Partners in Care

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