Getting the most out of Zoom

Getting Started – Signing up and downloading ZoomBefore you can access an online meeting, you will need to sign up and download the Zoom application to your device, either your personal computer (PC), laptop, touchscreen tablet or smartphone. This video will get you started. Joining a meetingOnce you have paid to join the online meeting,Continue reading “Getting the most out of Zoom”

The importance of life story work in activity provision

What is Life Story Work? Activities that involve developing an ongoing individual biography of a person. Gathering information about people to design activities for them. Benefits of recording life story It can then be used with the person as part of their care and activity planning. It can build better relationships between the person, family,Continue reading “The importance of life story work in activity provision”

Ideas for Sensory Sessions

I’d like to share some stories and experiences about one of the activities we run called multi-sensory enrichment. These are an opportunity for people living further along their dementia journey to explore their senses in a safe, relaxing space.From our own experiences and from talking to care-givers, we understood the heart-felt need and frustrations forContinue reading “Ideas for Sensory Sessions”

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