Getting the most out of Zoom

  1. Getting Started – Signing up and downloading Zoom
    Before you can access an online meeting, you will need to sign up and download the Zoom application to your device, either your personal computer (PC), laptop, touchscreen tablet or smartphone. This video will get you started.
  1. Joining a meeting
    Once you have paid to join the online meeting, you will be sent an email invitation that will include a link to join the meeting. You will also receive a Meeting ID (9 digit number) and Passcode (? digit number), that you can enter when prompted to do so, that will enable you to join the meeting. This video link describes how to join the meeting by email invitation or directly via the Zoom application.

  2. Joining and Configuring Audio and Video settings
    Making sure you understand the Zoom application may require adjusting your audio and video settings at the start or during a meeting. The video settings are particularly important to understand depending on whether or not you want to be seen by other participants during the meeting. This video link will explain how to set up and test your audio and visual settings for use before and during a meeting.

  3. Participant / Attendee control options in a meeting
    Getting the most out of the Zoom application may require understanding the basic control options available to you as a participant / attendee of a meeting. This video link will describe what these options are and their functions.

    Even the best technology sometimes has a few problems. Below are a number of video links that may be of help if you get a little stuck.

  4. When unable to receive emails from Zoom – video link – unable to receive emails
  5. When video camera is not working – video link – video camera not working
  6. When audio is not working (IOS or Android devices) – video link – audio issue
  7. When video not working (Lenovo devices) – video link – video issue

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